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martes, 22 de febrero de 2005

Exportations. Key Opportunity to Renew International Trust


In these days we are having the best moment that gives margin to install a strategy that will permit us to pay debt and impel new exportations, assuming long-term foreseeable compromises.

The excess in the application of exclusive and excessively financial criterions has left us paradoxically without working capital. We have run out essential flow to reactivate the stock of investments made in years before. These are those that in the beginning, in a common economy, can fire and incorporate their human resources to the world of production and work. New investments lie in wait where they see a potential of activity and of major growth, compared with other available options. This is out of discuss, perception of high rates of growth potentials, establish necessary trust for big and small investors to start considering entrance. To renegotiate debt conditions successfully, it’s necessary to proof that the real economy is “feasible”. This plan implies the generation of a marginal flow non-existent till now, to consider the beginning of the end of a debt repeatedly and boringly renegotiated. This is possible starting from a “boom of exportations”, something that we know from ever, but we couldn’t concrete yet.

While all finance indicators are spoiled only exportations, without adequate financing and in the middle of a default, was growing last year 17% (year 2004), supporting the highest level of hostility.

If we use initially our basic substructure, we’ll prove that is prepared to contain major and progressive levels of activity for the necessary time, till new investments arrive. Our natural resources offer a landing strip to enterprises.

We need only to leave traditional prejudices and of “It cannot be done” to face immediately an innovator agreement of exporter model.

If we want to strengthen compromises, complying with a growing fiscal surplus, we can consider this strategy as a decisive card to grow, and at the same time guarantee the progressive rescue of debt.

Returning to trust, as experience, the formula that guarantees compliment is exportations: goods that generate Dollars form real economy.

There many arguments to think that exportations are the most complete solution to economy problems. However, nobody tried to launch new proposals, because ignorance at first, and from fear to suffer arrogant disqualification from conservative economists, which only possible reply should be traditional and picked up from a classic book. Imagination zero of orthodox economic science, must balance with dreams of politics art. In the past, persevering lack of intuitive vision was highly discouraging.

We have asleep an enormous prosperity because of commodity; ideological resistance; lack of search, courage and faith in our resources. Add to this attitude, lack of promotional support and interest, aimed by the temptation of financial profits of fictional immediacy, with which we have seduced for years.

Our exportations in 2001, reached 10% of our GDP. This is precisely the reason for we cannot underestimate the opportunity we have in our hands. Making aside our potential capacities, we have been exporting under our possibilities during last years.

Repeating like a hypnotic litany, that our exportation only represents 10% GDP, some economists have systematically obviated the compromise to search opportunities. Only because of potential increment, in percentage terms possible to reach in any activity that starts from its lower level, it’s worthwhile to impulse and immediate action plan for growth.

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