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martes, 16 de octubre de 2001

Plan to create a "boom of exports"

Like consultant and ex- executive, I have realized that when a corporation is getting bogged down, it face its problems with standard solutions. In general it standardizes situations and creates rules. There are many people that use the same previous answers to solve present problems, but they do not work...

The globalization stimulated the necessity to solve unknown crises. In all cases it was repeatedly applied uniforms and disappointing criterion.

Multilateral organisms of credit advanced great packages to moderate the mishaps. There was a crisis country behind another one.

However, in the economy of corporations it was given new answers in constant and consistent way with changes of paradigm. Personally, I could see many key factors to manage in the manager behavior, from the crisis place to one where the solution arrives.

The businessman is not satisfied with solving the crisis. In corporations, opportunities arise when something happens.

At high level, it’s stimulating to experience new something in the company.

If we do not apply creativity, we run the risk of investing ourselves with obsolescence together with the multilateral organisms of credit that do not guess right nor recognize this situation seriously.

The modification of international economic structure, demands a dynamics and flexible solutions of problems and therefore highly creativity. It is necessary nimble and expeditious solutions.

In opposition to the distrust of many conservative experts and civil servant, any arcane mystery does not exist bordering the creativity. The creativity is an ability in which all the technicians would have to train if they want to survive in the dynamics of globalization.

If we do not want that the technological benefits of the globalization were frustrated, we must find opened solutions to mitigate the damages we are suffering.

It is necessary to become aware of obstacles that have arisen and they force us to make flexible our mental structures. It is not possible to follow with amendments; it is necessary to find benefits radical. It is intolerable and sarcastic to listen professional people looking for quantitative supports to explain the inexplicable things.


The contribution, which exports, could make to economies of emergent countries, it is paradoxically as undisputed as unknown by ministerial bureaucracy of its states. Many of the technicians were formed in universities of countries that do not depend on the exports to balance the current account of their balance of payments.

To apply promotional impediments has been a sport of technocracy of the duty officers. As a consequence, exports development was always diminished in their potential.

At least conceptually, all the economists now agree that exports can provide benefits. The problem is how agree with the prevalent approach of the last decade, neither they neither know "how" nor “how many". That represents a severe restriction. Exports can doubtless shoot the growth vigorously and contribute to solve the catastrophe of the emergent countries debt. It is the only variable in positive to generate surplus twin. I insist that the problem is that nobody has proposed a plan to create a "boom of exports" in those countries.

Every day we listened that there is not financing to export, that is needed investments that will not arrive, that there is no vocation, etc. It is inescapable to work with ten restrictions that would turn to the nonviable subject according to the conventional analysis.

In companies, it frequently takes decision in points located within a polygon of feasible solutions. That polygon contributed by the decisions theory is formed by abundant restrictions and although it has the size of a dot, it never presents impractical things. It says a Proverb: "the mind of the prudent acquires knowledge, and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge”

"The relevant problems that we faced cannot be solved at the same level of thought in which we created them. We must learn to think about a new form, we need a change of paradigm ".

Albert Einstein

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